Unknown Side Chick

Honey! I tell ya when being the side chick, other woman, fake cousin or whatever you want to call it was a secret today it seems to be the thing to be. *shrugs*

Now ladies be truthful with yourself, everyone has been a side chick a time or two. Now the difference is weather you knew it or not. Well sit back and let me tell you a story..

There was this girl who met a young man, they began to date and it was all so good. Things were going good, the young man tells the girl about him having a child on the way, the girl is like congrats and all that good shit. She then asks him so are you married or still dealing with your child’s mother? The young man says I’m divorced, the girl is like prove it. He shows her some paperwork and signed by the judge with dates and all that nice stuff. Boy and girl work together, they go to work together, dress alike and all that sweet shit.

Fast forward several months, they live together, girl goes home with boy and meets his family, goes to church with boy’s mom and grandmother. All the while the family knows boy’s big secret. Girl gets pregnant and boy and his family is excited. They have their child, child goes to visit boy and girls family. She is in love or what she think is love. Boy ask girl to marry him, girl is excited and says yes. Now mind you it’s been a year and some change. Girl and boy get pregnant again… Girl is over the whole getting fat thing. Buckle up because here is where shit goes left.

Boy is deployed for 6 months while girl is off her ship due to her being with child. Girl is invited to NC to by boy’s sister to her child’s party. Girl, her sister, and her oldest child goes to the party. While sitting there girl hears some cursing going on and a dark skin chick comes in the house and stands over girls and says, ” SO tell me how does it feel to fuck a married man?” Girl looks up and I said, ” I don’t know ask your husband because I’m still fucking him!” We began to fight in the house in front of his mom, sister, kids, and everybody. His mom yells out, “Teka you don’t need to be fighting while you’re pregnant!” His wife stops and looks at me and
I said yeah by your motha fuckin husband bitch.

I grabbed my oldest and me and my sister left. Can you imagine the hurt and pain I felt. I’m in my early 20’s about to have my second child, with a man who lied the entire time we were together. To make matters worst your family knew you were still married but yet happy you proposed to me. Honey, when I say it took me some years to allow them to see my older two daughters after that. I had to learn to forgive and I also learned that side bitches meet the family to.

See as women we are quick to jump on the other bitch when our real beef is with that man. Not every woman knows your man is a spoken for man. Trust me when a woman knows he has someone her tone is way different, she feels as if she has something over you. When all she gets is hard dick and bubble gum. Since that has happened to me I tell dudes straight up, let me know the truth so I can decide if I wish to play second don’t decide for me. I don’t play second and I don’t share shit. So ladies if your man is or has cheated on you don’t take it out on the other woman beat his ass cuz he did it. Now if the other woman gets out of pocket then by all means beat her ass straight off of GP (general purpose) Don’t be a goofy all your life and not all men are the same, granted you have been dogged before but don’t hold the next one to the fire. Now I’m not saying make it easy for him, but don’t punish him for something that was before his time. I’m speaking from the heart and from my own personal growth. Be blessed