Your Name…

Your name is the name given to you at birth, some of us like our names while others don’t. Your name holds your further and you don’t even realize that at a young age. People learn your name before they learn the person. What a person says about you once your name has been called, will always stick in another person’s head.

Think about what others might say about you, just from hearing your name being called… For me there’s a long list both positive and negative (lol). I’m stuck up, I’m highly educated, I’m mean, I’m caring, full of knowledge, savage, the list could go on. Now take a step back and think about this. The vibe and energy you give off to a person is based on a few things; your environment, the setting, your mood, their mood, how and why you met. Not two people will meet the same you, so in order to do that you at first must be balanced and have inner peace. Once you achieve those two things, all else will fall into place.

Your name determines your future! Keep in mind the same people you meet today may cross your path 5 years from now. The setting will be different they may have information you might need, run a business you might want to work for. Some people forget names but they remember faces, while others remember names. Your name could make or break the deal. I know a lot of the jobs I’ve had I got based off someone knowing my name, people talk and when they talk they describe you as a whole and what they know of you. The next person may say okay sounds like my cup of tea, while the next might be saying oh no bad news.

Your name is your brand. What you put out will determine what you get in return. Take pride in your name and the vibe you give off. Blessing upon your and peace within you.

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I am a Disabled Female Navy Veteran, I am a woman with an open mind with a voice of opinion. This is my out let a way to share my thoughts.

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