Fuck Boi…

What is a fuck boi you say, a fuck boi is one that is weak or contemptible man, a man who has many sexual partners. Better word for some of you a womanizer… In today’s society they seem to be poppin up everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Fuck boi’s will appear to be a man when he’s really just out to use you. They have several children, but can’t take care of any. They will use sex as a way to keep you, mind games and all types of dumb shit. Yeah! I met a fuck boi an time or two, but you know what they say, “game recognize game.”

Ladies, if you shall ever come across a fuck boi, run and I mean run. LOL… If they come in your path, and they see that you are a strong independent woman they will run. Fuck boi’s don’t like a woman that they can’t run over. Ladies stand tall and understand your worth. No fuck boi’s allowed.

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I am a Disabled Female Navy Veteran, I am a woman with an open mind with a voice of opinion. This is my out let a way to share my thoughts.

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