Working with a mental illness and chronic pain…

Mental illness is a very real thing, and is untalked about within the black community. Think back to growing up, and someone said oh don’t mind such and such he/she ain’t wrap to tight, or they off. Mental illness was always dismissed, looked over, or passed around.

If some people would take the time to speak with a person that lives with one, you would have a better understanding of what a day in their shoes would be like.

Mental illness doesn’t only affect the way a person thinks, or affects their way of life. Appetite, sleep, relationships, work, mood, and the list goes on. Working for me is my way to get out of the house, I have my days where I just don’t want to get up. Today I work up in pain with muscle spasms in my lower back. I got out of the bed long enough to go get my shot, I will try again tomorrow.

Some days I just want to walk away from my job and curl up in my bed, but I know staying home will increase my depression. An idle mind is a dangerous mind, so I wish to keep my mind busy.

This is a lite blog post for today, but I’ll be back and stronger than ever tomorrow.

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I am a Disabled Female Navy Veteran, I am a woman with an open mind with a voice of opinion. This is my out let a way to share my thoughts.

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