Lyfe of the Black Woman…

When you sit back and watch TV, you will always find a black woman. What you don’t see much, is a black woman that is strong, caring, giving, and one that handles her business. No! we all aren’t the “anger black woman” we come in all shapes and sizes. As a black woman we are viewed as a threat, why you ask? Hell when you figure it out let me know…

We pride ourselves on are ability to “fix” everything, anything, and everyone. It is in our nature. Granted we all have our struggles, but hey who doesn’t??? What you see on TV isn’t what a black woman is. As black women we need shows that show are strength vs our weakness. As men you need to stand up and protect your black queen. We as whole our the most under valued of them all.

I love to see a black woman that steps on the scene and handles her business. We are stronger in numbers, so lets lift each other up. You are my sister and I am my sister’s keeper.

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I am a Disabled Female Navy Veteran, I am a woman with an open mind with a voice of opinion. This is my out let a way to share my thoughts.

One thought on “Lyfe of the Black Woman…”

  1. Good read, I love that you are you in this post. I would add, both men and women need to work together and not against each. I say that because, woman strive to be independent to the point they divide the family structure. That 50/50 language is false and we need to refocus that to 100/100 rather it us or the kids.

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