Bitter Baby Mama…

Just because you birth a child for/by a man doesn’t mean you and that man will be together forever. If you’ve moved on and in a new relationship why make the father of your child suffer? You don’t want him. and he doesn’t want you… Let him go sus

The keeping his child from him because let’s see here: 1. he doesn’t take care of the child. 2. I don’t want my baby around her. 3. I don’t like his people. 4. My new man doesn’t want me talking to my baby daddy. 5. If he ain’t with me I’m going to make his life a living hell… There are so many reasons that aren’t valid ones to prevent a father and child from bonding. Pull your head out your ass and let him go.

What happened between you and that man, might just be between you and that man. The vibe and energy you as a woman gives off, tells man just how much he can and can’t do to/with you. It doesn’t involve the child.

Ladies, there is no reason to keep a child from the father. If you stopped and thought about it, who is it really hurting? Sure, as hell ain’t him… You are hurting yourself, by holding on to all that pain which has made you bitter, you are going out of your way to try to hurt him,and you are hurting your child by not allowing them to share a bond.

Stop baby daddy bashing, because it speaks volumes about you. Remember you laid there with that man. Granted, not all men are ready to be father. When he figures it out allow him the chance to show you, and if at that point he still can’t get it right then do what is best for the child, not based on your feelings. As mother’s we think we know what’s best for the child, and what we think may not be what the child wants…

I am a mother of three, and never have I kept my children away from their father. I’ve had an “open door” policy for years. All that I ask is you respect the times set aside for you to visit/get your child and if you have someone in your life allow me to meet her and I will do the same if i have someone in my life. If he comes around he comes if not that’s his lose.

You can’t go back in time and undo things, you can only move with with life. The same way he needs to grow up and step up. You as well need to grow up and let go of the past.

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I am a Disabled Female Navy Veteran, I am a woman with an open mind with a voice of opinion. This is my out let a way to share my thoughts.

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